Display Advertising: Scrapping Gold for Riches

I think that a market worth spending some time exploring to identify an opportunity is the display advertising market (and Internet advertising market generally). Earlier I had posted estimates from Google that display advertising was currently a $20-$25 billion market, headed to a $100 billion market size. This is the space in the huge region between advertisers and publishers. With a market size that big, there can be a variety of opportunities that come from hanging around, finding a game, and taking some shots in the shadows of Google or Facebook; the theory being that a gold boom creates all sorts of primary and subsidiary opportunities (including buying and melting jewelry and selling into the boom) . There are some firms that I have run across that are achieving incredible revenue growth that are otherwise under the radar and do not carry flash whether in founder or funding pedigree.  I will spend some effort in a series of posts trying to break down and understand the potential spaces in this advertising technology ecosystem.

For some overview, Comscore’s recent numbers show Facebook’s impressive lead in ads published in the US market.

Top 10 U.S. Online Display Ad* PublishersQ1 2011

Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations

Source: comScore Ad Metrix

Total Display Ad Impressions (MM) Share of Display Ad Impressions
Total Internet : Total Audience 1,110,448 100.0%
Facebook.com 346,455 31.2%
Yahoo! Sites 112,511 10.1%
Microsoft Sites 53,592 4.8%
AOL, Inc. 33,454 3.0%
Google Sites 27,993 2.5%
Turner Digital 18,050 1.6%
Fox Interactive Media 11,697 1.1%
Glam Media 10,207 0.9%
CBS Interactive 9,208 0.8%
Viacom Digital 9,051 0.8%

Luma Partners has a widely distributed “Display Advertising Technology Landscape” slide that I have embedded below which divides up the advertising tech space into a number of segments:

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