Through the Eyes of Steve Jobs (Or You)

From “What Makes Steve Jobs So Great” in Fast Company’s Co.Design:

So what gives his plain-speaking such force? He always talks about how wonderous it will be to use something, to actually live with it and hold it in your hands. If you listen to Steve Jobs’s presentations over the years, he comes across not as the creator of a product so much as its very first fan–the first person to digest its possibilities.


It’s almost certain that Jobs has killed far more great ideas than he ever let live–there are 313 patents under his name covering everything from packaging to user interfaces. But those that survived outweighed all the rest. And these ideas outweighed all the rest simply because his focus was, continually, on what it would be like to come at some new product raw, with no coaching or presentation but simply as a dumb, weird new thing that someone you know might have said was “pretty cool.” Again, that’s ability to see past internal debates, and to look at a potential product with the fresh eyes of a user rather than a creator.

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