Design That Inspires Action

by takingpitches

I am working on a new business model, focused on a busy group of people as customers, which will need to be obviously and clearly compelling for them to grasp and to motivate them to take action.  I need to find some great models for the landing page to clearly express this.  Some come to mind:

Google: the simplicity and sparseness of the search page was pioneering when it came out.  See this post comparing google to altavista.

Groupon: as previously discussed, Andrew Mason has a 3 second philosophy.  Groupon is more crowded, but clearly you get the headline description of the offer, discounted price, the original price, the discount percentage, and actual dollars saved.

Apple: the page right now is focused on the iPad 2.  There is a picture of the iPad 2, along with a simple, but direct and clear description: “Thinner. Lighter. Faster. FaceTime. Smart Covers. 10-hour battery.”  The value proposition in 8 words.

I am going to see what else I can find as inspiration.

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