Attitude: Secret Ingredient of Future Success (Romil Bahl)

by takingpitches

There is a Sunday column by Andy Bryant called the Corner Office in the New York Times that is amazing reading to gain insights into business leadership including starting, growing, and maintaining a business (and this after my posts about not paying to make it through this paywall!).  The current interview is with Romil Bahl, president and C.E.O. of PRGX, a datmining and audit recovery firm.  His approach to evaluating talent by “attitude” resonates with my posts here and here, regarding the importance of having systems that look at potential when evaluating the future.

Q. What are the intangible qualities you’re looking for?
A. The word I like to use is “attitude.” I say this almost in an exaggerated fashion, but just to make the point, I almost want to take attitude before skill — the right attitude, the right desire to get it done and never give in. I feel like good, smart people in the neighborhood of the skill set we need will do better every time than the expert that may have done it four times before but is showing up with sort of a laissez-faire attitude. Are you going to make an effort to fit and to be part of the winning team and to help us win?

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