Hustle vs Hubris: A Commentary on Entrepreneurial Vision II

by takingpitches

Vision does not have an ivory tower quality. Vision is not a spectator sport.

Hustle is inherent to my definition of vision.  It’s at least two-thirds of vision.  Vision is not just about being able to visualize a reality that users and consumers will embrace, but it is about convincing others to follow you in making that imagined reality an actual reality, and about executing it by making all the tough decisions necessary.  That requires hustle.  That requires doing what it takes, including learning to code if necessary, and whatever else it takes.  It is the precise opposite of hubris.

I think this is where issues that those have with non-developers stem from.  To the extent, folks are not willing to get their hands dirty, they are rightfully characterized as useless, and non value-creating. A perfect example is the “ConnectU” twins, with their attitude that they were “robbed” by Zuck, when they neither had a vision nor any visible skills, and they just stood around complaining instead of finding other ways to execute their idea.  This is the opposite of Gates, Jobs, and any of the great entrepreneurs.

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