Hey, Anyone Notice that Steve Case Is Back

by takingpitches

A decade after the merger disaster, Steve Case is on quite a streak.  Nor that he needed a second act and one shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the first act, particularly in the importance of pre-2000 AOL in developing and bringing the internet to the public.  It is also almost unimaginable looking at the wobbly content mill that AOL is today to remember what a force it was with its advertising deals, venture investments, and acquisitions (I know some of this didn’t end well).  I remember spending time on my first startup trying to figure out how AOL would notice us.

Steve Case recently is riding another wave of success including in selling Revolution Money to American Express, the IPO of Zipcar, and the growth of Living Social in Groupon’s wake. Given his history, something seems right about seeing Steve Case pick himself up and being back in the mix.  Here is an article from Bloomberg about his recent activities.

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