In the Arena, Sweating and Bleeding

by takingpitches

OK, Chris Dixon, this just rocks.  Read the whole post, but here is an excerpt:

“You’ve either started a company or you haven’t…I don’t care if you succeed or fail, if you are Bill Gates or an unknown entrepreneur who gave everything to make it work but didn’t manage to pull through. The important distinction is whether you risked everything, put your life on the line, made commitments to investors, employees, customers and friends, and tried – against all the forces in the world that try to keep new ideas down – to make something new.”

It’s about finding out what you are about, awakening the beast within, seeing what kind of horsepower that you have…and you cannot figure out these things unless you are the one jumping and exposed.  This post is a great reminder of why we need to take the leap.

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