Probably The best places to see in the UK in 2020

by takingpitches

Because of lockdowns as well as travel restrictions, 2020 is now the season to vacation closer to home – which should not feel as a compromise. You will find countless reasons to remain in the UK. It may be little but, with regards to amazing landscapes, incredible history, world-class attractions, the UK cannot be beaten. Additionally, in an era when we are so aware of the own environmental impact of ours, adventuring closer to house suggests swerving airplane shame, too.

As of July, hotels, campsites, tree homes and cabins (even these awesome vacation houses with swimming pools) almost all started back up, so traveling around the nation is back again on the agenda. From remote islands to rich national parks, here is your UK break up bucket list for the 2nd half of 2020.

1. Glastonbury

We skipped out on our festival repair this season, but you may still find plenty of great reasons to head for this sweet, religious corner of Somerset, and that will keep the hippie vibes going each year round. Visit to stock up on ethical skincare and healing crystals, examine the damages of Glastonbury Abbey and grab the steep climb on the Tor.

2. Cornwall

Cornwall is a county of contradictions. There is mystery and myth, misty clifftops and strong, tough rocks rising from restless waves, and also tranquil coves, sleepy towns as well as vitamin D soaked beaches packed out there with surfers. Go in hunt of King Arthur at Tintagel’s romantic, clifftop wreck, view a play together with the Atlantic as the backdrop at the Minack Theater (both presently want you to reserve in advance) or perhaps possess a freshly prepared alfresco feast under the stars at The Hidden Hut, and that just reopened for the time period. This otherworldly portion of the nation makes a strong case to remain in the UK this & every season.

3. South Downs

The South Downs, that operates from historic Winchester to Eastbourne’s chalk cliffs via green hills, ancient sea and woodland views, is London’s closest National Park and is one for 10 years. Have a celebratory hike.

4. Lake District

There are always countless best reasons to go the spectacular Lake District. Swing by this season to identify rocky reflections in nonetheless lakes, effort rhyming couplets in poet William Wordsworth’s 250th anniversary season, or perhaps step away higher over Honester slate mine’s brand new Bridge Challenge, which started this year.

5. Wye Valley

Channel your internal Gillian Anderson (everyone has one) and examine it rich corner of the nation where Netflix’s’ Sex Education’ is filmed. The spectacular landscaping straddles the border line between England & Wales,and is ideally situated for gentle boat excursions, challenging jaunts or hikes in peaceful forests.

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