Life after death: Woman’ could audibly hear God’s voice’ after passing by way of a tunnel – claim

A female who promises to have briefly died during surgery is confident she caught a look of living after death when she passed into the afterlife.

The female launched herself as Rhonda and provided a comprehensive account of the so called near death experience of her (NDE). The incident happened ten years ago while experiencing emergency treatment to get rid of her gall bladder. While on the working table, breathing was stopped by Rhonda and was briefly viewed clinically dead.

When this took place, she recalls a sense of calm washing over her.
The perception left her believing anything had occurred during surgery, she will be good.

Rhonda said: “I was inside a tunnel which wasn’t black, although not brilliant which was reassuring.
“I had most incredible emotions. They appeared to centre within the solar plexus.

“There was the most amazing mixture of acceptance, love, joy, and peace; so powerful, I still cry thinking of it.
“I appeared can talk in the head of mine with no words. I asked if I was finished.
“I seemed to just understand that life on this world at this time was just a part of my existence.”
Next, Rhonda believes she saw the voice of God answer the question of her.
God gave her the opportunity to determine whether she planned to go back to life or perhaps continue into the afterlife.
She said: ” I really felt this was the choice of mine and we had been having this dialogue in the head of mine.
“I could hear the voice of his as clear as any person that speaks to me aloud.
“I told him I experienced I had to retturn, I did not really feel I’d accomplished what I’d set out to do. I felt emotions of type approval, not judgment.

“I do not remember being in recovery or perhaps being transferred to the ICU. I do not recall preventing breathing in ICU.
“We think it came about before my husband was permitted to watch me, however, not certain. I floated in and from consciousness for a number of days.”

Although uncommon, Rhonda’s experiences aren’t really special and similar NDEs is reported by lots of folks.
Based on Dr Sam Parnia, director of care that is critical as well as resuscitation exploration at NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York City, individuals that have stood on the brink of death usually recall bizarre experiences.
He said: “People explain a feeling of a bright, bright, inviting light that draws folks towards it
“They describe a feeling of having the deceased relatives of theirs, almost like they’ve come to welcome them.
“They often say they did not wish to come back in cases that are many, it’s very cozy and it’s as a magnet which draws them they do not wish to come back.
“A lot of folks describe a feeling of separating from themselves as well as watching doctors and nurses doing them.”
In the UK, the NHS doesn’t understand NDEs as authentic cases of individuals dying.