The Longest Mountain Chains In The World

by takingpitches


The Andes of South America is probably the longest mountainrange in the planet, extending for an estimated distance of 7,100 km (4,350 miles). It cuts across 7 South American nations of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Chile.

The Andes is made up of numerous established volcanos, Ojos del Salado about the Argentina Chile border being probably the highest of the established ones. The Andes is indicated by a variety of climatic conditions ranging from pretty cold to warm, tropical climate. Adventurers from around the globe with activities including hiking, trekking, and biking is attracted by the mountain chain.

Southern Great Escarpment

Southern Great Escarpment addresses a distance of aproximatelly 5,000 km (3,100 miles). It stretches across 7 nations in Southern Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, South Africa, covering Zimbabwe, and Angola.

The bigger thing of it edges South Africa, and also it’s given additional names in some other places, probably the most common body currently being the Drakensberg. The Drakensberg Mountains are definitely the escarpment’s highest peaks. They rise to 3,482 meters (11,423.8ft) at Thabana Ntlenyana. The Drakensberg assortment has basalt lava with smooth sandstones located underneath.

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains (Rockies) is a stunning variety of peaks plus valleys stretching for aproximatelly 4,800 km (3,000 miles) from northern British Columbia in Canada down south to New Mexico in the United States. The chain includes no less than hundred different ranges that are narrowed down to 4 groups.

Probably The highest peak in the number is Mount Elbert in Colorado at 4,401 meters (14,438.98 ft) above sea level. The Rocky Mountains are very important for the sets of rubble on its surface. These rocks are due to tectonicforces over a very long time. Most of the region on the chain have been enclosed in parks as well as resorts getting millions of tourists to participate in different recreational activities.

Transantarctic Mountains

The Transantarctic Mountains transverse through glaciers and ice to split the AntarcticContinent into east as well as west. It Stretches 3,542 km (2,200 miles) long time with ninety eight % of this protected by the ice succeeding largely inaccessible. 8,175 Km is extended by the ranges (5,079.71 miles) on the East West as well as 2,005 km (1245.85 miles) on the North South.

Probably The highest good is Mount Kirkpatrick at 4,528 m (14,855.6 ft) in Queen Maud. Research performed on the stove uncovered fossils of plants plus reptiles that suggested that the ranges might have been welcoming before. The number is home to many seals, penguins, and flying seabirds.

GreatDividing Range

Great Dividing Range in Australia is an intricate chain of plateaus, escarpments, and also mountains that are geologically related. It edges on the coastlines of Queensland, New South Wales to Victoria over a distance of 3,059 km (1,900 miles).

The Australian Alps, a department of the range has probably the highest good, Mouth Kosciuszko soaring 2,228 meters (7309.71ft) above sea level. Some rivers like the Snowy River and also the Goulburn River are consists o by the range. These waterways have facilitated farming across the chain through irrigation. National parks and ski resorts in the range ensure it is perfect for tourism.

Sub-Marine Mountain Chains

Aside from the land mountain chain, you will find sub marine mountain ranges are is yet another mountain chain under the bath. The global Mid Ocean Ridge is probably the longest of the sub marine mountain ranges, extending for a duration of aproximatelly 65,000 km (40,000 miles). Sub-marine mountain ranges, additionally something of plate tectonics exist underwater. The mountains are created from cooled lava after the ocean floor is forced to increase from convection currents. They’re connected by rifts running across a great area of ocean floor. Their existence wasn’t recognized until the 1950’s. The mountains are generally active, erupting continually and leading to magma to distribute on the oceanfloor.

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