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Authorities in a choice of Gulf lands renewed weather conditions alerts on Sunday as a few days of extremely heavy rains batter the usually arid region.

Gulf countries typically experience mild winters, except for brief as well as unusual attacks of flooding rains between November and January.

Such weather is quite disruptive in the region, in what authorities normally do not install serious drainage devices as a consequence of the rarity of that precipitation.

Torrential rainfall has hit the United Arab Emirates, like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with the recognized WAM news flash bureau thinking the bad weather was anticipated to last until Thursday.

The rain has been exacerbated by cloud seeding, which authorities make use of increasing generally minimal, as well as unusual rainfall, the national center of AFP, was told by meteorology.

In the UAE emirate of Sharjah, pedestrians, as well as cars, were caught up in brown-colored water. Authorities haven’t reported any casualties.

Heavy rain has been dropping in the great desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia, impacting pilgrims in the holy community of Mecca.

The Saudi civil defense warned that reasonable heavy rain was likely to continue in several areas.

Oman on Saturday had announced “stormy rains of altering intensity” in several areas of the land, and express broadcaster Oman TV showed pictures of roads that are wet and rising waters.

Authorities in Qatar urged residents to remain conscious and forecast “stormy rains” along with winds that are strong in several regions of the nation from Sunday.

In Kuwait, “generally typical intensity” bad weather was anticipated through Sunday evening, the recognized KUNA news flash bureau reported meteorological authorities as saying.

Exams and school classes across the nation will be suspended on Monday as a result of the weather, it included.