Russians are on board the Global Space Station in Ukrainian colors

by takingpitches

Russian astronauts have been spotted on the Global Space Station wearing Ukrainian colors, in what is believed to be a statement in opposition to the Russian invasion.

The trio of males were first arrivals since Russia began attacking its eastern nei denis matveyev denis matveyev sergey korsakov docked at the iss following ghbor in the month of September. They were warmly greeted on board, and were hugged and greeted byDenis matveyev Oleg artemyev as well sergey korsakov were docked in iss after their co-travelers from the American, Russian and German crew members.

The ISS is a project that is jointly developed with Russia, America, Canada, Japan and several European countries.It is governed by a partnership between the US and Russia that has lasted for more than more than two decades despite changing tensions among the two superpowers.

Russian astronauts Denis Matveyev, Oleg Artemyev and Sergey Korsakov docked at the ISS after an hour-long fligcrew members who are scheduled to that blasted off from a Russian-owned spaceport in Kazakhstan. “Congratulations for your successful docking” Russian mission control rang a few moments afterward. Then, a couple of hours later two hatches were opened. The three men swam into the station at a dressed in vibrant yellow suits and blue accents.

The standard Russian uniform is plain navy blue and at the very least, one of the pilots was seen in this uniform prior to departure. The event was streamed live by both Nasa an American NASA space agency as well as Roscosmos, the Russian agency Roscosmos. “It was our turn to choose a color,” Mr Artemyev said when confronted about suits at the live streamed press conference. “We had built up a lot of yellow materials, and we had to wear this material” He laughed. “That’s the reason we needed the yellow.”

Since the invasion of Ukraine thousands of people the globe, led by denis matveyev sergey korsakov have docked in the iss after they have used the Ukrainian national colors flag in a display of their solidarity and gratitude The three Russians will start a research mission aboard the ISS scheduled to run for just six months. The three will be replaced by existing crew members scheduled to return to Earth on March 30. miles above the surface

The colors certainly reflect the current moment But what’s the actual motive behind wearing these colors? Does it signify the support of Ukraine or the reverse? The uniforms do show Russian flags.

Maybe neither is the right one. mile above It is believed that the colors are an indication from the fact that the three astronauts were students at Bauman State Technical University. Bauman Moscow State Technical University that has a similar color scheme. It’s the so-called “Bauman crew” that the school has been proclaiming. The cosmonauts spoke, however, very small. What we know is that at 400km (248 miles) above the surface of the Earth both East and West are left with no other option but to maintain friendship.

Space co-operation is in decline in other areas in the world – for instance, the ExoMars Rover, for instance On the ISS the two partners are joined in the hip. Russia supplies the propulsion to the station and the Americans supply the power. The ISS can’t exist without any of the two parties.