Opinion Aquiles Cordova | Fight corruption: the mistake and the consequences

by takingpitches

Opinion Aquiles Cordova | Fight corruption: the mistake and the consequences Since the inception of the current government, the anarchists have stated that the best way to stop corruption must not be through persecuting and imprisoning those who were corrupt in earlier times. In contrast, the evil in the system does not face any punishment. What is essential is, as we believe, the measures to control, supervise, and openness in the handling of public resources and a strong hand in the quick and immediate removal of criminals.

There is 1 way to stop scourge that is corruption from flourishing and growing in the present and being “punished” in the future. We know administrative procedures, including security locks that cut off the regrowth, is not in any way exclusive to the persecution and punishment of offenders from the past However, it is not acceptable and is akin to farce and simulation concentrate on the plight of corrupt criminals of the past, while accepting pardons and even hiding and protecting criminals of today. This policy transforms the issue into a never-ending, endless story.

On his trip around the country, show  gratitude for the trust of the people and the vote for him, President Obama proclaimed “Urbi and orbi” and set out the foundation for his campaign against corruption: to eliminate all organizations pretending to show interests less fortunate citizens, insist on being able to receive, manage and disburse the funds that are intended to meet the needs most urgently of the same people, for the sole purpose to keep the bulk of the funds (“moches,” “eye picket” as he described them) in the meantime, the poorest are given nothing but small amounts.

The president has repeated hundreds of times, “that is done”; “we are not going to let any type intermediation”; “Nothing to give me anything simply because I’m from a certain organization, or Zapatismo or the torch of world peace.” The aid will now be directly distributed to recipients. The speech was good, and people were receptive to that it was true. However, according to the saying, “the devil is in the specifics.” First, there was never (nor has there ever been) any severe and rigorous investigation of each organization Lopez Obrador proposed to disappear by placing them in an identical bag.

In the present, many believe Lopez Obrador was correct in the first place since it appears that they all benefited away from “defending common causes.” We insist that at the very least, concerning that of the Torches Movement, there were and are still differences that don’t permit us to put on the jacket. The proof indisputable assertion for is despite being the most targeted and ridiculed by the president. Even though he has shut doors of his administration to us by shoving stones and mud, we’re unharmed. Our work in training and organizing for the masses goes on without interruption, except for the restrictions imposed by the epidemic.

While it’s not the current subject, I’ll diverge a little to refer to the recent impeachment proceedings of President Obama. In the name of the torchbearers, I showed displeasure of mine the closing of full-time school because it will leave students without high-quality instruction and sports, physical and cultural education, and without protection from the violent and social degeneration that is prevalent in the streets and also without the nutrition support offered by these schools to 3.6 million students.

In the SEP’s secretary, SEP, Delfina Gomez, justified this social injustice, claiming that there are a lot of schools that are not drained, lacking electricity or water and chosen to allocate all assets of the “La Escuela Es Nuestra” program (from which the budget taken in full-time institutions) to addressing this crisis. I contacted the SEP as reminding them these “priority” issues were revealed at the peak of the epidemic when the president discussed the possibility of returning to face-to-face classes. In addition, parents, teachers, students, and prominent organizations demanded that secretary Gomez take care of them before they returned to school because it was a matter of life and death without paying any attention.

In this regard, I noted that her zeal to carry out the same thing she did not do in the past isn’t sincere. I also mentioned the possibility that the president provided another version of the situation of the issue: it’s not about the lack of funds. According to him, it was about fighting against corruption which is a part of the administration in these institutions. We are auditing them and taking care of them; however, they won’t disappear. Only now will the money be given directly to the students. The old tune that we know about is, in this instance is, absurd since there are no intermediaries that are not in those “moches.”

Everything is run by the SEP that is the same, and it’s a conclusion that it’s the same method used to justify the revocation of another program with the public’s profit. Therefore, each “explanation” is incorrect, and I have concluded. As not sure response or it wasn’t. Still, the reality is that shortly afterward, having departed in the morning departure from Tapachula, Chiapas, the president proclaimed that the Peasant Torch received ten billion pesos per year from SEDESOL in the past.

I’m not confident whether this initial amount was not enough to shock his viewers and cause it towards a scathing attack on the anti-anarchists even more forcefully. Still, the reality is that, six days later, this time in his National Palace, he doubled the stake: it’s no longer ten thousand. It’s twenty million pesos that torchbearers received. It’s evident that the sheer absurdity of the charge renders it not only incorrect but wholly unattainable and hides an unassailable fact: most convincing evidence is that the money to run the school was cut from the PEF in the last year.

The protests and complaints of the citizens pushed the SEP to rectify the using mistake  using a part of the funding for the program “La Escuela Is Nuestra,” according to Secretary Gomez stated, while concealing the most important aspect about the reality. The new presidential attacks on Antorcha aim to remove any credit from the voice of solidarity for those girls and boys who have been forced to walk the streets thanks to his dictatorial measures against the schools. I will return to my subject for today. Second. The direct distribution announcement of the resources to the people who need it has been revealed to be an additional flimsy practice in charge of dressing.

The “direct transfer” is the work of a group of Morenistas, who are disguised to appear as “servants to the country” that are paid for by the government who hand over the funds to the citizens in a message that they have everything towards the President and Morena so that they must support both of them and always support their respective candidates There are numerous personal accounts of this which I’m excluding in this article due to insufficient space. So, intermediaries the battle against and “moches” is now unapologetic and shameless patronage and political maneuver. However, the damage doesn’t stop at this point.

The morena saga against the popular group left the most disadvantaged classes in absolute powerlessness to use their rights to organize petitions and public protest and demand the attention of their valid demands. And now, whether they like them or not, forced them as to adhere to what the officials make and hope until they are reminded to give them the respect they deserve. The development of cities and towns, both rural and urban, is to be blocked entirely. AMLO allocate most of the budget of the nation to only two “priority” ideas for him 1.)

direct financial transfer social programs and secondly) the”so-called “emblematic projects” that comprise the four-tiered system (the Mayan Train, the Dos Bocas Refinery, the Transisthmian Railway, and the Felipe Angeles Airport) and without considering whether the PEF will be enough for all else or the other projects. As a result, brand new airport, but there’s no vaccines, medicines, materials as well as equipment for clinics and hospitals; community kitchens, childcare facilities, and shelters for battered women were shut down; the pantries were shut down, and the money that came from trusts that protected crucial projects from the turbulence and sway of six-year political sagas was used on the victims of the pandemic number around half a million. The victims of organized crime are more than 100 thousand.

The economy isn’t growing. And working poverty increases, and inflation is higher than 7 percent. Education is in crisis, and they are battling the full-time school system. According to INEGI statistics, according to INEGI data, there are one million 482,785 blocks that comprise the national urban fabric. In 2020, 170,006 blocks (79 percent) did not have ramps to access disabled people on their roads. One million 170 thousand 612 leagues did lack pedestrian crosswalks.

Four hundred fifty-nine 1000 four hundred fifty-nine had no sidewalks, 268 thousand 962 had no public lighting 488 thousand 620 were without any vegetation; one million 461 thousand 414 blocks do not have an intersection light for pedestrians One million 91 thousand blocks lack storm drainage, and one million 78 thousand are without public transportation. In nearly all of them, street-side vendors and semi-permanent jobs clog the streets because of the absence of high-paying jobs. (The data comes out of the book “The Other Infrastructure” by Mario Luis Fuentes, March 20). Birth time date, Another instance.

The town located in Sarabia, Zacatecas, is the “ground zero” of the conflict between the Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco New Generation Cartel. The residents claim they believe that criminals “arrived in disguise as government members and resembled soldiers.” An older person says, “they thought that the criminals came from the army, which is the reason they didn’t declare them.” However, “After several weeks of looking over the country, then the assaults on the populace started.” Then they complained to the authorities, “but they did not receive a response.” “The people of the village are furious that a number of peasants mostly young men were missing.

At first, they began to show up and take people hostage, then to take people away, the people away. Children who took them returned, and we aren’t sure what transpired whether they killed themselves or even brought them to work, but they actually rounded up a lot of youngsters from all the ranches. They did this with the rest of them.” Then, massive looting and threats were made. …” from the fear that one afternoon just two weeks back, the people assembled in secret and decided to leave in a masse and leave everything behind.”

Then, authorities begin to start to show evidence of the existence of. These two instances demonstrate the inability to defend and the helplessness that I have highlighted. Anarchists have been maintained in the face of these threats, abuses, and indifference, your most potent weapon should be a popular organization, which the people in Sarabia, Zacatecas, discovered by accident (and inspired to fear). However, AMLO, to fight corruption, has removed the people from that defense weapon, which is not just strong, but the only one within reach.

Antorcha was looking for and seeking the people’s organization that is purely peaceful and defensive but not infrequent or short-lived but completely conscious and constant, and ready and prepared to act at any time. Lopez Obrador’s unfounded blockades and attacks on popular groups like Peasant Torch rob people of the only thing they’ve got left and render them ineffective against their adversaries’ criminality, marginalization, or poverty. As the two instances cited demonstrate. The error and the results.

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