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Takingpitches is an internet paper. We’ve a group of competent writers as well as journalists that publish different posts for Taking Pitches. The group of industry experts collect news flash from various trusted sources all around the world.

It has one of many internet news site having the correct amount of readers. The site presents breaking news, valuable info and data about topics that are important, which were collected from various sources.

The site focuses mainly on probably the latest trending Tech News, Bollywood Hollywood Gossips, Sports, Events, Education and excited information. Takingpitches is going to bring all of the important data analysis of the innovative technology and all of the Gadget news.

Takingpitches.com also deals with General and political news from around the globe. We often use the Associated Press along with the content from clients. Please be at liberty to contact us just in case of any queries.

The Team:
1. Saqib Arain:

Founder & Editor

You will find 2 things Saqib Arain is extremely passionate about, technology and business. In present day competitive business environment, you have to see how both technology and business work together. From the experience of his, many companies fail since they don’t know how the business of theirs should implement the technology

Email: [email protected]

2. Salman Khan:

Co-Founder & Editor

Salman Khan is a entrepreneur from Ceo and Pakistan of My Ultimate Success Tips. The studies of his (Mass Communication) does not have any relation to company, but passion will keep him in this specific area.

Email: [email protected]

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