Anxiety’s strong grip on the mind

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“It’s OK Not To Be OK”

Sometimes why do we feel more nervous, worried, fearful, and tense?  Maybe we are not alone in this every other person is like us facing these things, struggling to deal with them, maybe it’s nothing, and maybe it’s taking over our everything.

These are just our thoughts carrying so much fear be it fear of losing someone, maybe it’s a fear of what tomorrow will bring, maybe it’s a fear of making a bad decision, or maybe it is all in my head these things are not real maybe I am thinking too much but, why my hands are shaking? And the heartbeat is dropping?

At this stage, our brain starts creating fake and scary scenarios and anxiety attacks our body in terms of any physical and mental illness which goes away when anxiety gets in control.

Let’s get clear about this fact “It’s all in our head sweetheart.”  It’s our brain that is doing its job as a survival system sending us these messages to act accordingly in the future.

Let’s just accept another fact about humans, we (humans) are created as a strong creature by our GOD. Our resilience and adaptability are beyond these thoughts we can beat these thoughts, we can fight to get back to a normal state of mind and we can easily dilate again into nature, love, and peace.

This anxiety canintensify fake scenarios in our minds and leaves us apart from the real world. But your overthinking about future possibilities can prepare you for future incidents for example you overthink something and it happens then you can deal with the situation in the best possible ways.

So the question is how we can escape from these scary thoughts and get back to a normal stress-free life?

Try to calm your alert mind as it’s already trying to keep you safe from scary incidents that can become your worst reality. Allow yourself to believe in different possibilities don’t stick around limited fearful thoughts in your brain.

It was a brutal truth of my life when I found out that all these thoughts were only in my head as they were not even close to reality and weren’t the source of comfort and joy.

I started ignoring those thoughts because at that time I wanted “happiness and peace”. I tried again and again but the shadow of those thoughts kept following me then I decided to focus on the things that are important for me and my mental health. I started doing interesting things like yoga in fresh air to keep my soul calm.

With time, I realized that there are so many other things to enjoy the life with gratitude. God gave us healing power no one can heal us except us. I stopped getting anxious about what the future holds for me I allowed myself to go with the flow.

You just have to figure out your anxious thoughts before they attack your head and notice how stubborn they are and how badly they are hurting you.

Stop right there, stop thinking about them, stop focusing on them.

This world isn’t a magical place where someone can cast a spell and all your worries and fears will disappear. Honey, sit back and relax don’t let this anxiety take control over you. No one is going to save you but you, you can save yourself. This universe is full of miracles, and those miracles are proof that healing is possible, and healing is beautiful. Hold yourself and try to think good things about life you are blessed with so many things. Try to think about those blessings, trust you will feel good you will feel alive.

And yes that scary thought will indeed haunt you sometimes but you have to control them for a healthy and peaceful life.

Trust yourself, trust the process of the universe, and keep doing the things that are good for your soul this is the only way to keep yourself alive. 

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