Break Free From Fear

“The only way to overcome fears is to face it head-on”


I experienced a breakthrough. I’ve been planning a trip for months, traveling alone for 3 weeks in France. Two days before my departure, fear overwhelmed me, I went into panic, and I freaked out. What is going on with me?

The light turned on and I thought would I withdraw from this trip because of my fears? Would I stay home and be safe? Would I surrender to my fears? Not.

Do not let your fears hold you back, it’s just an illusion. Believe that life will only begin when you’ll learn to stand against your insecurities so fear less and dare more.

You might be thinking that this is another impractical article telling you to conquer your fears. Well, don’t conquer it but stand and face it. I suggest you stop running away from your fears, and only then you’ll be able to live your life to its fullest.

Beating Fear is Not The Target

Remember, overcoming your fears is not the target because it will only go away for a passage of time. The goal is to stand your ground when it returns.  Master the art of facing fears, their return will act as a door to your boldness. Face it, deal with it, and move forward.

No Rage

You don’t have to fight your fears, be calm and just face it. Imagine how a judo karate master changes his strategy of moves according to the opponent’s moves. You must allow the fear first and then kick it out.


If a fear reappears, take that as an opportunity to empower yourself. Hear your intrusive thoughts, and understand that your fears won’t decide your future. That is the endgame of your fears.

Knowing is Half The Battle

Get to know your fears because knowing them is the main step to overcoming them. Observe its pattern of flow in yourself, what evokes it, and what makes it go away. Be the king of your fear.

Think Before You Leap

Feel your fears’ presence, Identify that it’s holding you back and you feel it hit you with “I can’t”, “I shouldn’t” or “I better Not”, It makes you fall into a funk of self-doubt now think are you going to stay back just because your fear wants you to? Think, what do you deeply desire?

For instance, I fear that I will fail Mathematics, should I just let it hold me back? Never! I would consider it as an opportunity and I would courageously confront the fear any time it arises.

It’s noteworthy that my fears come out of my thinking, I invent them but I control them too. I can be held back or move forward, either. The choice is mine to make, guess which choice would I make.

Have you had an experience of befriending your fears? Tell us about your win.