Make Your Home Space Lively with these Indoor plants

Who doesn’t love greenery? Of course, everyone, and this is because plants are one of the beautiful creations of God. They’ve such a cool and calming effect that we begin to feel refreshed whenever there’s greenery around then why do we limit this beautiful greenery only to our lawns? There are a lot of plants that you can keep inside your home and that will increase the beauty of your home. These plants are called indoor plants.

 Below are some of them that you can place inside your home:


Pothos is a flowering plant and it belongs to the family of Araceae. Its leaves are heart-shaped which makes them even more beautiful. Moreover, they’re very easy to be taken care of. They’re ideal for your rooms and lounge because they require low light. You can hang this plant from a basket or just pot it. The pothos plant is very charming and will enhance the aesthetic of your home.

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa is known by several nicknames, some of them are Ceriman, Monstera Split-Leaf, and Mexican Breadfruit, however, the most widely used name is Monstera deliciosa. Its leaves are holey so the lower leaves can also receive the light. Like pothos, this houseplant is also very easy to look after and does not require direct sunlight, it also needs moderate watering so you don’t have to water it daily. You can put this plant in your lounge, kitchen, and even bathroom.

Peace Lily

Peace lily is a perfect plant for your home because along with lush green leaves, it also has white flowers. This plant can make your home look more elegant. You can place them on your dining table and it will look lovely. Peace lily doesn’t just add beauty but it is an air purifier. It is capable of removing air pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia. Make your living room a showstopper with this beautiful plant,


Similarly, Aglaonema is not just a beauty plant but is also known for purifying your air. Its leaves are remarkably green and it can turn the darkest room into the brightest one but if you place it inside the house, make sure that it stays out of reach of children and pets because the Aglaonema plant contains calcium oxalate crystals if ingested.

Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen plant is one of the most popular plants among other house plants. It’s famous for its beautifully textured leaves with a touch of pink and red which makes the surroundings look vibrant enough. This plant is perfect for compact areas because its growth is pretty slow and steady, their maximum height is 1-3 ft. Some cultures consider this plant a good charm to their homes.


Philodendrons vary in terms of their shape, size, and colors. These plants are ideal for the corner spaces of your living room. It will give a very fresh and aesthetic look. Bring this plant today and witness a noticeable change in your living room’s beauty.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is also called as the Eternity plant, forever faithful, and Zanzibar Gem. It is another low-maintenance plant that has glossy, bright green leaves and requires low light. You won’t regret replacing your side table lamps with ZZ plants. Unlike Peace Lily and algaonema, the ZZ plant is not very toxic. To facilitate your understanding, it won’t cause any severe harm if ingested so feel free to place them on your tables.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are known to be tough and tolerant. They can flourish in dim light and the best thing about this plant is that, unlike every other plant, it possesses the ability to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen at night.

Bring these wonderful plants today and boost the attractiveness of your home. Not only that, you and your family will breathe in purified air because almost every plant is the air-purifying champion. These indoor plants add a touch of elegance to your lovely house.