No Doctorate is Required to teach In Central Universities: UGC Chairperson

he UGC is likely to create new positions such as Professors of Practice and Associate Professors of Practice.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to stop the obligatory Ph.D. as of requirement for teaching in multiple Central Universities, the body’s Chairperson, M Jagadish Kumar, told The Times of India.

As per the study, UGC can offer new positions such as Professors of Practice and Associate Professors of Practice

There are numerous experts that would like to instruct. It could be someone who has worked on large- scale projects and has many years of practical experience as well as a talented dancer or musician. However, we aren’t able to choose them based on the rules currently in place,” Kumar said

Experts who have passed 60 could also be a part of

As the report stated, experts who are over the thresholds of age 60 can be accepted as part-time or full- time faculty until they turn 65.

In a meeting of Vice-chancellors from central universities on the 10th of March, the decision was made that a committee was formed to focus on the changes to the rules regarding the appointment of teachers.

They also discussed developments in the implementation and implementation of the National Education
Policy, among other things. The UGC is also planning central portals to keep track of and ensure teachers’
appointments on time. 10,000 More than teaching posts are unfilled in schools funded centrally as per the
Minister of Education’s figures in December 2021

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