Spiritual  Living: A Step-By-Step Guide

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.

                                                -Helen Keller

Suffering doesn’t go away itself but you’ve to face it, recognize what’s true, and what’s false then live the rest like a champion.

We have become delusional and we live in the lies convincing ourselves that is the truth. We fall weak, we depend on people for our happiness, we rely on the judgment we make and we require others’ approval.

Why does living in the truth feel out of reach? Do you not deserve happiness? To cherish this life? Do you need to wait for heavenly assistance?                                                            

Recognize your nature. The love and empathy inside you are popping out, don’t contain it. Let your light shine.

  • Do you feel emotional over sad songs? That’s not the song, it is your sense of emotions and empathy overflowing.
  • Are you obsessed with greenery? It’s not the greenery, It is the love for nature that resides inside you, It is the beauty within you.

Early today, I was at Starbucks with misty eyes because of the generosity and humanity I was sensing around me.

We think the truth is hidden because we’re occupied with so many distractions, our life becomes a drama, we’re so lost in our thoughts that we barely see the reality, we don’t live in the moment, and eventually, we overlook the kindness around us.

A few reminders for you. You don’t have to make a spiritual connection to find happiness and peace, learn to live in reality, It is a practical approach and you can avail of it at any moment. To nurture your spiritual growth, harmonize with the rhythm of life.

No Private Interests

Prioritize the greater good over personal gain, be transparent, and wear your heart on your sleeve. Ensure the well-being of others even if it doesn’t directly benefit us.

I’ve made up my motto, “Oh, this.” My feelings don’t bother me anymore, I’m not troubled about what’s happening. The moment is perfect the way it is.